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Options in the plumbing business are a relatively new idea. Not long ago, if you had plumbing problems the only thing you could do was dig up the area to find the pipes, then replace them. In the last few years, advances in technology have given the customer options. Now, if you have a plumbing problem there are several ways to determine exactly what , where and how bad the trouble is. We can locate pipes, and even find tiny leaks from aboveground using special equipment. We can send a video camera into the line and actually see the problem. if a blockage is found we can Razorcleen it, blast it with a high pressure jet of water or vacuum it out. If the pipe is damaged, we can dig a small hole, exactly where it's needed. When necessary, we can replace the whole line trenchlessly, protecting and eliminating the cost to repair landscape, concrete or other items that would otherwise be damaged by now have the power to choose.

Drain Cleaning

Roto-Rooter's powerful machines can cut through roots and debris in any size line, opening even the most persistent clogs. But power isn't all it takes. Our technicians have the training and experience that is essential to diagnosing and solving problems that, sometimes, can be quite complex.


From adjusting a water heater to replacing entire plumbing systems, Roto-Rooter has well trained, experienced plumbers to get the job done "Roto-Rooter Right".


When regular cleaning isn't enough, our mini and high-pressure jetters can blast even the toughest clogs and leave any size line free of scale and grease.

Video Inspection

One of the most versatile services we provide. Video Inspection can be used in any sized line to inspect plumbing from the inside. Roto-Rooter often uses the video camera along with cleaning services so that progress can be monitored, speeding up the entire process and insuring a free flowing line.

Leak Detection

Uses a highly sensitive sound meter and headset to listen above ground, even the tiniest leak can be pinpointed before any digging is done.

Line Locating

A small transponder is fed through a line while an above ground receiver tracks its every move. This way an entire line can be easily mapped out without any digging, saving time and money if excavation is required for repair.

Pipe Bursting

One of our newest and most exciting services. Using specially designed equipment, we can replace an entire underground line without digging up the old one. The whole process can be done cleaner, safer, and faster than ever before. Many times, our "pipe bursting" method makes putting in a brand new line less expensive than repairing an old one.

Mag Spray

Magnesium Hydroxide spraying is a new approach to corrosion and odor control ion concrete pipes. our floating spray unit coats the crown of the pipe with an environmentally safe slurry similar to milk of magnesia, Thioguard. The coating then works into the concrete and neutralizes the acids responsible for the corrosion and odor, prolonging the life of the pipe.

Back Flow Testing

We have state certified backflow testers who are qualified to test and make necessary repairs and/or adjustments. Set up an annual inspection and we will remind you when its time to recertify your backflow meter.

Grease Trap Pumping

Even the most balanced systems need to be pumped occasionally. Set up a maintenance program with Roto-Rooter. We don't just pump and clean your trap... we analyze your system to insure that it is working as efficiently as possible.

Bio Rooter Products

From Household cleaners to industrial strength macrobiotics, Roto-Rooter offers a full line of effective additives and drain maintenance products. Our environmentally friendly bacteria products absorb and digest organics such as fats and grease to reduce the potential for drain line backups. We also provide the equipment necessary to automate product application.